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Provider Membership
Provider membership is defined as OMH licensed and certified agencies in New York State. Provider dues are calculated based on each agency’s total children’s mental health budgets on most OMH licensed children services. Provider members are eligible to vote and receive more detailed information from the Coalition, including the ability to participate in various Listserves allowing you to share and obtain information pertinent to children’s behavioral health.

Provider Membership Application

Allied Membership
Our Allied Membership dues are set at $5000. Allied members can include individuals and organizations that are involved and interested in children’s behavioral health reforms, but not necessarily providing direct services. The only eligibility criteria are your interest in the work and advocacy of the NYS Coalition for Children’s Behavioral Health, the strength of families, and the social/emotional development of children and youth.

Allied Membership Information

Allied Application

ListServs: When you sign up for one or more of our ListServs, you will receive timely information on issues pertinent to your program and have the opportunity to post questions or comments and share information with your colleagues across New York State. Join list serv (members only) >

Lobbying and Advocacy: Our members have a voice in the Public Policy and Government Relations in affecting the laws and regulations governing the children’s mental health service delivery system in New York State.

Publications: The Coalition publishes a multitude of informational pamphlets, guides, booklets, and talking points to advocate for, inform, and alert our members regarding the many needs of our children and families in New York State.

Meetings and Provider Groups: Members have the opportunity to network, share experiences and best practices, and to develop policy positions on pertinent issues during Full Coalition Meetings, Provider Groups, and OMH Quarterly Meetings.