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Best Practices

There are currently no Evidenced-Based Best Practices (EBP’s) specifically for Youth-in-Transition. There are, however, several emerging best practices, several of which are detailed in this document.

According to Mary Anne Davis in theJournal of Behavioral Health and Research…No state has found a way to provide adequate and culturally relevant mental health services to youth once they reach an age only served by the adult mental health system.

The GAO Report from June 2008 reviewed several programs across the country and though, they found some promising practices, they also concluded that there are no evidenced-based practices.

“Evidence-based interventions and services have not been empirically tested on young adults or systemically adapted for this specific age group.”

Given that there are no EBP’s currently in existence, this document provides an opportunity to explore service transformative programs, which could in the future be regarded as an EBP for Youth-in-Transition with Psychiatric Disabilities.

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Table of Contents

Overview of Literature Search
Best Practices

I)      Access and Linkages
A. Cross Systems Approach
B. Care Coordination
C. Family Links
D. Workforce

II)     Population
A. Eligibility
B. Diverse Populations Involved with Youth in Transition
C. Schools (Screenings and Assessments)

III)   Services
         A. Overarching Service Needs
B. Employment
C. Education Services
D. Self-Determination and Empowerment
E. Youth Mentors
F. Clinical Services
G. Individualized and Person Centered Planning
H. Cultural Competence
I. Adult Skills Training

IV)   Financing
A. Overarching Funding including Blended Models
B. Youth Oriented Services
C. Employment and Education
             (Subset of Youth-Oriented Services)
D. Clinical Services

V)     Housing
A. Various Housing Options for Youth in Transition
B. YIT Services Linked to Housing
C. Housing Model Funding

VI)   Transition to Independence Process System (TIP)
        (Emerging Best Practice)



Literature Search: End Notes

Advisory Group Members