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State Programs:
Massachusetts funds a program to house young adults (20-30) through Section 8 Rental Voucher Program.

California to fund Coolidge Court by offering Low Income Housing Tax Credits/HUD Section 811 and Federal Home Loan Program.

New Jersey
Robins’ Nest offers Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Special Needs Trust Fund.

New York
Stepping Stone Community Residence – Personal needs allowance paid by SSI/SSD and New York State Office of Mental Health.

Expert Recommendations:
Corporation for Supported Housing Program for Young Adults
Utilize various funding streams such as Low Income Housing Tax Credits, HUD Section 811, Federal Home Bank Affordable Housing Programs and state and city funding opportunities.

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Table of Contents

Overview of Literature Search
Best Practices

I)      Access and Linkages
A. Cross Systems Approach
B. Care Coordination
C. Family Links
D. Workforce

II)     Population
A. Eligibility
B. Diverse Populations Involved with Youth in Transition
C. Schools (Screenings and Assessments)

III)   Services
         A. Overarching Service Needs
B. Employment
C. Education Services
D. Self-Determination and Empowerment
E. Youth Mentors
F. Clinical Services
G. Individualized and Person Centered Planning
H. Cultural Competence
I. Adult Skills Training

IV)   Financing
A. Overarching Funding including Blended Models
B. Youth Oriented Services
C. Employment and Education
             (Subset of Youth-Oriented Services)
D. Clinical Services

V)     Housing
A. Various Housing Options for Youth in Transition
B. YIT Services Linked to Housing
C. Housing Model Funding

VI)   Transition to Independence Process System (TIP)
        (Emerging Best Practice)



Literature Search: End Notes

Advisory Group Members